Louis Adam

Candidate Police & Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire.

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Will stand up for victims.

Louis Adam lives in Warwickshire and works in the construction industry as a structural engineer. He is the Stratford District Councillor for Long Itchington & Stockton and ran for Parliament in the 2019 General Election in Warwick & Leamington. On his plans if elected as Police & Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire he says:

"We need to be better at understanding what crime is being committed around the county and look at how it's affecting people. That way we can target resources in areas that need support.

"When crimes are committed, we have to look at the reasons why and work in our communities to prevent them, not just react after the damage is done."

More needs to be done regarding major problems such as gang, knife and cybercrime. I am keen to deliver consistent victim support and youth services, protecting people's physical and mental health. Our Police need to work closer with our local authorities. Community Support Officers need to be empowered. Louis says: "We can't promise a fix-all, but we can work with people to make the resources we have go further."

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